It’s been a massive weekend for three lucky Italian players at 888poker. They sat down for a friendly BLAST Sit & Go game with a very affordable €1 buy-in, only to see the jackpot prize pool spin its way up to a mind-boggling €1,000,000!

It must have come as quite a shock to these players, who hail from three very different parts of Italy.

They may have been miles apart, but, on this day, there were no barriers to the fantastic fate that awaited them.

It’s a Win-Win for 3 Lucky Players

It can be said that, at least, on the sporting front, the Italians have had a pretty good year. And it looks like their luck shows no signs of slowing down.

Three Italian players hit the million-dollar euro jackpot, with two women and one man getting to divvy up the spoils.

  • The top prize of €700,000 went to player 'ilaria200651'.
  • She defeated 'ele76m', heads-up, who bagged a respectable €200,000
  • 'Adria74' went out first but can find consolation in the €100,000 cash prize for their third-place finish.

It’s a Win-Win for 3 Lucky Players - BLAST

What the Winners Had to Say

"When I realised that the 1 million jackpot had been hit, I started screaming, so much so that my son got scared. I couldn't believe it!”

That was the understandable reaction of A.M., a 54-year-old from Mentana and one of the three super-lucky players on that €1-buy-in Blast Sit & Go table. She bagged a life-changing €700,000 for finishing in first place.

What are her plans for this massive sum of cash?

"We are a family of workers, and we will continue to work. But, at least, now we can realise our dreams. We have four children; the eldest is 35, the youngest, 15. So, it's important for us to give them everything they need - to send the youngest to a good university and to help the eldest with the house loan. And we can have a bigger house now, too."

Second-place finisher, 44-year-old E.M., from Civita Castellana (Viterbo), received a healthy €200,000.

Her thoughts on such a massive windfall:

"At the beginning, I didn't realise it,” she says. Then she saw the amount on her account. “Incredible! I will use it to renovate my house.”

The remaining €100,000 in the jackpot went to A.C., from Sondrio.

How Can I Get in on BLAST Sit & Go Action?

How Can I Get in on BLAST Sit & Go Action?

BLAST Jackpot Sit & Go’s are largely 3-handed tournaments with a randomly-set prize pool.

  1. Each BLAST Jackpot game kicks off with a random draw to determine the amount of money in the prize pool.
  2. Players each receive a starting stack of 1,500 chips irrespective of the buy-in.
  3. The BLAST blind structure and prize pool distribution is according to the multiplier.

After a specific period, the game places all three players all-in every hand until only one is left standing victorious!

Congratulations to our three Italian players on their massive win!

Make sure to check out the 888poker client for BLAST Jackpot Games!

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