Explanation of the acronym OMC

OMC stands for “Old Man Coffee”. It is a slang nickname for a specific player type that you might meet in a live game. Opinions differ on exactly which characteristics constitute someone as being an OMC. But the general idea appears to be as follows.

1. An older gentleman (60+ years old).
2. Tight passive player.
3. Usually retired and mostly there to pass the time and socialise.

Naturally, with this sweeping stereotype, the exact characteristics might differ. The term is used primarily in live circles. It’s not something that the average online player uses or is even aware of. The term is generally used to describe player types in hands reviewed after the fact. You should never call a fellow poker player “old man coffee” to their face. 

Example of OMC used in a sentence -> We were dealt AKo in the big blind, and OMC on the button decided to limp in. 

OMC Poker Strategy

The first mistake here is potentially assuming that any older player is a tight-passive OMC. Ideally, it would be best if you observed all opponents for several orbits, rather than making sweeping generalisations based on their appearance. 

The primary trait of a legitimate OMC is that they are “tight passive”. They don’t play many hands preflop. They often prefer limping and calling rather than betting and raising. As such, it makes sense to steal pots often. But you should get out of the way when facing big bets and raises from an OMC. Guess what?They probably have it. 

Some debate exists over whether the average OMC is a winning player. Many think of them as players simply looking to lose the minimum with a tight approach to the game. Others believe their tight patient style generates a small positive winrate in the long run. Naturally, it depends on the exact player. Some are probably losing while others are winning. 

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